Micro Expressions Research in Companies

BEFORE Training:

The average score people have on their first Micro Expressions Test with real-time videos is 24,09% (based on 2664 unique tests done worldwide between June-November 2012). Less than 12% of the participants scored above 50% accuracy in recognizing facial expressions.
Conclusion: Most people are not so good at recognizing micro expressions. This is surprising, because these short facial expressions are one of the most reliable signs of how somebody really feels during your business meeting.

AFTER Training:

The average score of all our METV users together until now is 76,34% (including all low scores of first-time users).
The average score of persons who completed our complete training is 89,45% accuracy in recognizing facial expressions.
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Why does it make sense to belong to this last group? It’s simple: If you are excellent in reading micro expressions, you are more effective in every negotiation.
Your Result: You will make more money. Here is the proof…

Research in Companies:

We measured a correlation between the sales results of Account Managers and their ability to read Body Language.

Watch this video with the results we measured in companies:

In one international pharmaceutical company, the top 3 sales representatives scored on average 50% on the first Micro Expressions Test, while the lower-end sellers scored on average 5%. The persons who scored the best on our Micro Expressions Test also sold on average 25% more products compared to low-scorers.
In a top insurance company, we measured that the top-half of sales representatives had a 20% higher Micro Expressions Test score than the lower-half sellers. These studies have shown that those who are better in reading Micro Expressions sell more products.

Note: Our free online Micro Expressions Test gives you just a free sample of our programs, and is not useable for accurate measurements.

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