How children score on Micro Expressions Tests

How children score on Micro Expressions Tests

Are you curious how good children are in reading Body Language and Micro Expressions? We too. Would you like to help us to gather more data for our study? It’s completely free and takes just 5 minutes online.

We did a few pilot tests, and we saw that many children are really excellent in reading body language and especially the tiny facial expressions that are half a second or shorter (called Micro Expressions). After all, these emotional cues are the most reliable signs of what somebody truly feels and this is also why we focus on training Micro Expressions with hundreds of videos. If you’re excellent in body language, you have a large advantage to get the upper hand in every negotiation. Maybe this is also why children are so excellent in getting things done by you? Some are really good in knowing exactly what to say, and exactly how to behave to get what they want. Could it be that children have a natural gift for interpreting facial expressions?

Previous Micro Expressions Research

As you might know already, we did research in a few companies, and we discovered that the best sales people are also the best in recognizing micro expressions and responding in an emotionally intelligent way on body language signs. Click here to read our article about how good sales people are in reading micro expressions.

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