We train companies in using and reading Body Language. Our trainings result in increased sales, more efficient recruitment and more effective negotiations.
“Since your training, Bart has joined the TOP 3 Sales Representatives for QuestBack worldwide!”
– Feedback received from Paul Verbruggen, Managing Partner at QuestBack

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How to use Body Language to Predict any Contest:
Our presentation at Harvard University:

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Joseph O’Connor
Founder of ICC & Lambent, NLP author:
Robert Phipps
UK’s Leading Body Language Expert:
Stu Dunn
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“I just wanted to say thanks for this program. I just purchased it last night, and I’ve been trying the … (other program) for some time and haven’t been able to make any headway. After viewing your video tests for less than two hours I was able to not only master your program, but go back to the the … (other program) with still photos, and was able to pick every single one out when last night I could barely get 1 in 5 (or worse) correct on that test… using videos really does make a world of difference, and I can tell you and your wife love what you do, are truly passionate about it, and truly wanted to create a great, quality product with this program…. so I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything and keep up the great work!” – Chris from Massachusetts

What do our participants say?

“The training by Patryk and Kasia answered all out expectations. The training was very funny, pragmatic and immediately applicable for our HR activities. This will help us to detect Micro-Expressions on the faces of our clients and candidates. The course material was very professional and complete.”
by Guissou Nabavi – Training & Development Manager at Mercuri Urval Belgium

“We found it amazing! We got only entusiatic reactions like ‘Congratulations for authenticity’ or ‘Very useful, there are no words for it'”
by Elly de Heus – Manager at IBO Business Management School Netherlands

“The presentation was perfectly tailored for our group (200 participants) and the participants loved it”
– Tom Broekmans – National coordinator at UNIZO Belgium

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