How to Read Emotions
1 year
METV License
$99 / €79


  • 30+ Training videos teaching how to read 26 variations of facial expressions for 7 basic emotions
  • 30 videos in 4K video quality to exercise micro expressions
  • 300+ videos to exercise micro expressions
  • Training on how to detect lies using our Body Language Congruency Model and the Q4 Technique
  • A simple and powerful program that helps master the ability to recognise micro expressions

How to apply Emotion Recognition
to lead Effective Conversations™

Micro Expressions Practitioner™
Online Certification Training
$347 / €290


  • A free 1 year METV license
  • Access the world’s most advanced online training on how to use the science of micro expressions in business and daily situations
  • Detailed analyzis of 30 micro expression videos in 4K quality
  • Over 12 hours of interactive training
  • Over 40 hours interviews with leading experts in emotional intelligence (including our full interview with Daniel Goleman)
  • Live personal Q&A to answer all your questions about the training content
  • How to use the BLINK Conversation Technique™ to get answers without asking questions
  • Effective Conversations™ Training to know exactly what to say when you detect incongruence
  • Practical and tailored for Sales, Recruitment and Negotiations
Watch our presentation at HARVARD UNIVERSITY on
How this program increases your Emotional Intelligence with 10%: