Micro Expressions Training

helps you to:
  • Gain the upper hand in negotiations
  • Detect up to 80% of the 4 to 200 lies you hear every day
  • Build happier and more authentic relationships
How good are you today
in spotting

Micro Expressions


Micro Expressions Test

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Radio interview and Training Police and Army

Micro Expressions Emotional IntelligenceListen to our interview on Local Job Network Radio on how move up the ladder using body language:

Here is a video extract from our online Body Language Coach Certification course, showing

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How to Increase your EQ by 10% in 4 hours

Emotional Intelligence

Why is Emotional Intelligence important for success?
Every single person who trained seriously with our Micro Expressions Training increased their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with an average of 10% in 4 hours. Did you know from a research by

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Author 101 University Presentation in Las Vegas

In October 2013 we were speaking on the stage with Rick Frishman, David Hancock, Brendon Burchard, Tom Antion and many other top speakers at Author 101 University in Las Vegas.

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How children score on Micro Expressions Tests

How children score on Micro Expressions Tests

Are you curious how good children are in reading Body Language and Micro Expressions? We too. Would you like to help us to gather more data for our study? It’s completely free and takes just 5 minutes online.

We did a few pilot tests, and we saw that many children are really excellent in reading body language and

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Participate in our study and increase your Emotional Intelligence

Micro Expressions Emotional IntelligenceWould you like to participate in our study showing that learning to read Body Language increases your EQ with at least 5% in a few hours time?
We’ll mention the most impressive results, maybe even including your name if you allow us, at our speech at the campus of Harvard University end of June.

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