Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski

are the Founders of

New Vision – The Center for Body Language

The Worlds #1 Body Language Training for Business

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Our interview on CBS and Fox News about Voters’ Emotions in the US Presidential Election:

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Our movie about body language

Directed and produced by Patryk & Kasia Wezowski and filmed in Hollywood with an all-star cast of communication skills experts, the feature documentary “IMPACT” helps people achieve success by applying body language principles to their lives.

Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski

Founders of the Center for Body Language, the World’s #1 Body Language Training for Business:

  • Founders of the #1 Body Language Training for Business
  • Best Selling Authors of “The Micro Expressions Book for Business” and 2 other books
  • Celebrity analysis throughout international media (CBS, Fox, Forbes,…)
  • Creators of the world’s first and only Micro Expressions Training with Videos
  • Founders of the first International Certification standard for Body Language and Micro Expressions Training for Practitioners, Coaches and Trainers
  • Local Representatives in over 15 countries
  • Executive Producers of the Award Winning Documentary “Destressed”
  • International Speakers (speaking at Harvard University, TEDx, Top Conferences…)
  • Thought Leaders and Developers of a unique Body Language methodology tailored for business people

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