How Micro Expressions Impact Sales

Micro Expressions SalesIf you look at ads on the TV with a happy family eating cornflakes, a sexy lady in an expensive car or winning the game after drinking coke, it’s no longer about the product itself but it’s about the feeling that it produces when we have it. Advising and selling is based on the mechanism of the transmission of feelings, because we buy emotionally, not logically. The act of buying is determined by the guidance of emotions. Only later do people justify their decision to rationalize it. Therefore, the main reason why people decide not to buy from you is the lack of trust.

Each product or service may be seen as a solution or resolution of uncertainty. In fact, people are buying the end results, stemming from the images they see from the acquisition of goods and services. People don’t buy the product, they buy the feeling when imagining what they will experience having a product or using the service. Effective sales are therefore to show prospective customers a happy vision of what will result from the fact that they buy the goods. Buying based on vision means that an offer should be directed to the emotional and psychological level, of the potential customer. Major shopping is done only after the psychological reconstruction of the corresponding word pictures has best spoken to clients. Success depends on the seller and how the words they use are able to influence the behavior of potential customers. Each word represents a symbol or image and is often associated with emotions. As we know, emotions are non-verbal, so the deep understanding of facial expressions and the body language of your client can help to find those psychological needs and expectations of the client more accurately, instead of reciting formulas.
When shopping we operate mainly in a senseless mode, directing thoughts on more interesting topics. This partial lack of attention can easily make that which is important in the products we buy, remain beyond the level of consciousness. In this dormant state of vigilance we allow decisions based on the selection of these and other things due to the price or the new packaging, or we buy something from habit. All too often at this point we fail to use the ability to extract from memory details of a press release or article in a consumer organization, which could show us the hidden advantages of one product over another and would give us the choice to buy consciously. The senseless mode in which we operate in shopping centers and supermarkets shows that the act of purchasing directs the power of inertia to a large extent.

Selling any product actually means the sale of feelings. Each item awakens a feeling in a client and this is the reason why the essence of effective sales is to find out what kind of feelings and values are important for a certain customer. After that, a salesman can easily stir these emotions weaving the right keywords in the conversation. To make effective sales the seller should be alert and sensitive to listen to the client with attention and look at their face, because it can reveal a lot. Effective sales are bound to stir the imagination and create feelings that the client needs.

These evaluations and values experienced by people are also transferred to various associations with the main object. They move from concrete experiences and expectations to the abstract concepts such as satisfaction or disappointment. In this example satisfaction raises the expectation of success, and an image of failure – a disappointment. In the first case the body is relaxed by the feeling of satisfaction, in the second case – the body responds with blockages and stress. These phenomena are used frequently by the psychology of advertising. The power of advertising is in the promise of pleasure. This shows clearly how the process works reliably evaluating the body by association – and how far the human body can be manipulated.

The goal of learning about non-verbal behavior of people and understanding what emotions they show on the face is also to be able to make a sale based on the authentic contact with the person, instead of just hypnotizing them by well-studied sales tricks. Hypnotizing clients will leave them with the feeling that even though they are satisfied with the product, there was something that happened behind their back and next time they will be more careful. This is the feeling that we all have when somebody is very charming not because they truthfully like us but because they have a goal to achieve by being nice. On the other hand, one authentic sale based on personalized contact with a customer will bring more sales and this way you can create long lasting relationships with your clients who feel that you really made an effort to understand them.

Micro Expressions play a key role in sales, because from our research in sales departments in various companies, we discovered that there is a correlation between the sales results of a person and their ability to read facial expressions. In one international pharmaceutical company, the top 3 sales representatives scored on average 50% on the first Micro Expressions Test, while the lower-end sellers scored on average 5%. The persons who scored the best on our Micro Expressions Test also sold on average 25% more products compared to low-scorers. In a top insurance company, we measured that the top-half of sales representatives had a 20% higher Micro Expressions Test score than the lower-half sellers. These studies have shown that those who are better in reading Micro Expressions sell more products.

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author Kasia Wezowski

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