How to Increase your EQ by 10% in 4 hours

Emotional Intelligence

Why is Emotional Intelligence important for success?
Every single person who trained seriously with our Micro Expressions Training increased their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with an average of 10% in 4 hours. Did you know from a research by Goleman published in Harvard Business Review in ’98 that “Emotional Intelligence is twice as important as technical and cognitive skills combined for a successful career”?

Today, you can increase your EQ too with this program. Once you achieve over 90% on each emotion recognition test inside the training, your Emotional Intelligence will have increased, because you can just see what other people feel.

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This is what our EQ Study participants say:

“METV opened my eyes up to a whole new language and
I felt like I was developing a sixth sense.
During client pitches, I began to look for when people were in agreement with me and when I needed to change tact. When I was discussing the importance of body language in a meeting, one client asked me, ok then, so what am I thinking? And I told him. He was gob smacked and then said, send me a proposal! I still have a long way to go and realise that this is just start of a new journey in becoming more mindful of the world around me and learning a whole new subconscious language.”

METV score: 51
EQ: 108
METV score: 92
EQ: 111

Michelle (Hawkins) Collins


“I believe my improvement comes from attempting to feel the emotions of another person. In order to recognize another’ persons expression, I found myself trying to replicate the emotion for myself. METV was a great way to practice this valuable skill, now I try to do the same in my daily interactions.”

METV score: 41
EQ: 97
METV score: 91
EQ: 109

Ben Woodford


“I really liked working with METV. The training gave me the confidence that I can read emotions on the faces of people I’m working with so that I can monitor whether I’m effective in persuasion. It gives me more confidence when I have to negotiate. The METV program has given me access to a whole new world of intimate, subconscious information about what people really feel and want. I’m very pleased with the quick results I could accomplish with the program.”

METV score: 39
EQ: 89
METV score: 96
EQ: 109

Sarah Gagestein


Details about our Emotional Intelligence Study:

93 Volunteers participated. Participants did first a MSCEIT test (the best and most used EQ Test for research purposes) to assess their Emotional Intelligence. Then they trained over 2 weeks with our METV program (Micro Expressions Training Videos). Every person who trained with METV over 4 hours and achieved easily scores above 90% on the emotional recognition test inside METV, increased their Emotional Intelligence between 3% to 20%. Their EQ was tested again with the same MSCEIT test. EQ Scores of the control group who did a MSCEIT test before and after 2 weeks, without training with METV, did not increase.

What do the METV % scores mean?
The maximum you can achieve on METV is 100%. Skilled persons achieve around 80%. Experts around 90%.

Interpretation of MSCEIT EQ scores:
>=70 and < 90: Consider Developing your EQ
>=90 and < 110: Competent
>=110 and < 130: Skilled
>=130: Expert

How you can increase your Emotional Intelligence?

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