Micro Expressions in relationships

Micro Expressions in relationshipsYou can predict divorce using micro expressions
Psychologist John Gottman accurately predicted the divorce rate based on the frequency of disgust shown in couples. His accuracy was 90%, after seeing the silent video of a couple for 5 minutes, he would know who would go to court in the next 4 years and he was 80% accurate about which marriage will last more than 9 years. Anger wasn’t a dominant factor to predict divorce, so when your spouse gets angry, your marriage can still be safe. Anger could be just another form of expressing intensive emotions.

Micro expressions can destroy a marriage
What destroys the marriage is a high dose of criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. Those are the blocking factors for effective communication and they are also blocking the expression of positive and warm emotions that are the necessary fuel in loving relationships. These emotions can be identified through the facial expressions of contempt (superiority) and disgust. Summarizing: Gottman proved that contempt and disgust can be a good predictor for divorce. In other words: if your partners shows often disgust and contempt, it might be time to see a relationship coach.

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Here you can learn how to spot the micro expression of contempt:

published by Kasia Wezowski

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