Micro Expressions in negotiations

Micro Expressions in negotiationsFacial Expressions and authenticity
Having always had the opinion that I am a very communicative and open person, I have felt that it is very easy for other people to read my emotions and micro expressions just by looking at my face. This is a very important attribute that enables the ability to build trust with other people. My face is usually so natural and authentic, that when we need to negotiate the price, my partner Patryk leaves it to me to set a high price. The reason for this is that my delicate features, and abundance of micro expressions one can read on my face, make the offer more agreeable to the parties involved.

Two sides of the coin
There are two sides to the coin of allowing ourselves to show a lot of micro expressions. We can use the impulsive method I have just described, or we can use a poker face, which is described as a face that is very bland and without expression. There are moments when presenting a poker face is necessary, that is why Patryk regularly wins poker games. It is the same when it comes to negotiations. Sometimes it is important to conceal what is of paramount interest to you. In some cases, my tendency to show my emotional responses more readily often reveals my true motives very easily. Because I have been practicing the art of negotiation for some time now, I have created a state of mind, actor-like, you could say, in which I imagine that I really do not care about the deal and it does not matter if it works out or not. This is state of mind, when it comes from the inside-out, is obviously reflected in my facial expressions.

The solution
A good technique to find a solution in the middle of those two extremes, is to imagine that you are in a different place and you start thinking about the next steps on your agenda. Using this strategy really helps in negotiations because I am still showing what I feel, but I influence my mental state in a way to express that I am more distanced from the negotiation. This is a good strategy for people who show a lot of emotions.

Research has revealed that women who smile frequently during business negotiations are considered less professional than those women expressing more neutral facial expressions. Often people use a smile to conceal their embarrassment. You might ask yourself now: should I smile more or not? The answer is: it is crucial to know when it is appropriate to stop smiling and how often it is necessary to show your smile if you wish to be treated as a serious partner in negotiations. The most important one can conclude from all the above, is that observing your negotiation partner and being able to recognize what they truly feel, is a crucial skill to win more in negotiations.

published by Kasia Wezowski

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