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  • Gain the upper hand in negotiations
  • Detect up to 80% of the 4 to 200 lies you hear every day
  • Build happier and more authentic relationships
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Micro Expressions


Micro Expressions Test

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Micro Expressions in 4K Video Quality

For the first time in the history of body language, you can watch facial expressions being analyzed live in 4K video quality (that’s twice the standard of normal HD TV!).
You’ll see the facial muscles from very very close, with super sharp detail.
Given the super high quality, real world nature of these videos, this is a training tool that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

Here you can watch the recording of 7 videos analyzed in 4K:

In addition to this webinar, we’ve just released 30 more brand new 4K micro expression videos that are essential viewing for body language pros.

Here’s how to get access to all 4K videos today:

1. Register for our METV training program to exercise with 30 videos in 4K, as well as 300 more training videos.
2. Become a Certified Practitioner to access the detailed analyzis of all 4K videos.
3. Become a Body Language Master Trainer and use these 4K videos to teach others.

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Radio interview and Training Police and Army

Micro Expressions Emotional IntelligenceListen to our interview on Local Job Network Radio on how move up the ladder using body language:

Here is a video extract from our online Body Language Coach Certification course, showing

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How to Increase your EQ by 10% in 4 hours

Emotional Intelligence

Why is Emotional Intelligence important for success?
Every single person who trained seriously with our Micro Expressions Training increased their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with an average of 10% in 4 hours. Did you know from a research by

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Author 101 University Presentation in Las Vegas

In October 2013 we were speaking on the stage with Rick Frishman, David Hancock, Brendon Burchard, Tom Antion and many other top speakers at Author 101 University in Las Vegas.

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How children score on Micro Expressions Tests

How children score on Micro Expressions Tests

Are you curious how good children are in reading Body Language and Micro Expressions? We too. Would you like to help us to gather more data for our study? It’s completely free and takes just 5 minutes online.

We did a few pilot tests, and we saw that many children are really excellent in reading body language and

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Participate in our study and increase your Emotional Intelligence

Micro Expressions Emotional IntelligenceWould you like to participate in our study showing that learning to read Body Language increases your EQ with at least 5% in a few hours time?
We’ll mention the most impressive results, maybe even including your name if you allow us, at our speech at the campus of Harvard University end of June.

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How Micro Expressions Impact Sales

Micro Expressions SalesIf you look at ads on the TV with a happy family eating cornflakes, a sexy lady in an expensive car or winning the game after drinking coke, it’s no longer about the product itself but it’s about the feeling that it produces when we have it. Advising and selling is based on the mechanism of the transmission of feelings, because we buy emotionally, not logically.

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Micro Expressions Research in Companies

BEFORE Training:

The average score people have on their first Micro Expressions Test with real-time videos is 24,09% (based on 2664 unique tests done worldwide between June-November 2012). Less than 12% of the participants scored above 50% accuracy in recognizing facial expressions.

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Micro Expressions Book preview

Micro Expressions BookRead a few extracts of our Micro Expressions Book below:


The Micro Expressions Book for Business reflects our unique approach on Micro Expressions and body language. It focuses mainly on expanding your full potential with your communication skills and emotional awareness in sales, negotiations, recruitment and all the areas of your life where you deal with people. Our mission is to help people to develop awareness that results in a better understanding of the needs

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Micro Expressions in negotiations

Micro Expressions in negotiationsFacial Expressions and authenticity
Having always had the opinion that I am a very communicative and open person, I have felt that it is very easy for other people to read my emotions and micro expressions just by looking at my face.

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Can you fake micro expressions?

Can you fake micro expressionsMicro Expressions and gut feelings
Micro expressions are brief and involuntary muscle movements within the face. They last less than a second and it’s why many people have difficulty in noticing them.

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Reading Micro Expressions and Persuasion

Reading Micro Expressions and PersuasionHow to influence people in an ethical way?
Facial expressions give you a lot of information about what someone really feels when you talk or listen to your client or business partner. Reading micro expressions can easily help you to gain an advantage in sales, negotiations and business relationships.

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Micro Expressions in relationships

Micro Expressions in relationshipsYou can predict divorce using micro expressions
Psychologist John Gottman accurately predicted the divorce rate based on the frequency of disgust shown in couples. His accuracy was 90%, after seeing the silent video

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Micro Expressions in business

Micro Expressions in BusinessYour clients speak with facial expressions
The knowledge about Micro Expressions is crucial to understand people’s needs and it is not possible to do successful business without comprehension of the expectations of your clients and employees. Many mistakes we make out of ignorance, or due to a wrong interpretation of someone’s message.

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