Certified Micro Expressions Practitioner™ test

Welcome to the exam to become a Certified Micro Expressions Practitioner™.

Complete the below questions, after you have watched all Practitioner training sessions and completed your homework.

If you have at least 11 of the 15 on the questions below correct, you will receive the Practitioner Certificate in one week by email (if you achieved 3x 80% as METV score).

Be careful:
– Make sure to complete all questions, because you can complete this form only once
– Some questions have ‘only one correct answer’ and others have ‘ONE OR MORE correct answers’. This is written just after each question.

If you fail the exam, you can schedule a retake + a compulsory 30 min personal Mentoring session for €195.


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Question 1: Research has shown that a person who is smuggling diamonds... (check only one answer):
a) will probably smile more to the custom officerb) will probably smile less to the custom officerc) will never smile to the custom officerd) will show contempt instead of a smile to the custom officere) none of the above

Question 2: On the subconscious level... (check only one answer):
a) we can distinguish anger form disgustb) we can distinguish surprise from happinessc) we can distinguish positive and negative Micro Expressionsd) we cannot distinguish any Micro Expressionse) none of the above

Question 3: Gottman has proven that what "destroys a marriage" are... (check only one answer):
a) anger and contemptb) disgust and contemptc) fake smilesd) dirty sockse) none of the above

Question 4: A reliable sign of the Micro Expression of Anger you can observe when... (check one or more answers):
a) brows are lowered and the upper lip raisedb) brows are lowered and eyelids tightenedc) brows are raised and pulled togetherd) brows are lowered and lips are pressed togethere) all of the above

Question 5: When someone presses their lips together... (check one or more answers):
a) it can indicate fearb) it can indicate excitementc) it can indicate angerd) it can indicate sadness

Question 6: When you are questioning somebody, they are probably lying if they show... (check only one answer):
a) a Micro Expression of Contemptb) a Micro Expression of Fearc) a Micro Expression of Fear and Contemptd) none of the above applies here

Question 7: Why is it difficult to lie? It's difficult to lie because... (check one or more answers):
a) it reverses the functions of the brainb) the blood pressure decreasesc) people swallow lessd) the heart beat increases

Question 8: What are clear signs of in-congruency? (check one or more answers):
a) a Micro Expression appearing more assymetricalb) showing an emotion before telling something about itc) a neutral voiced) an interrupted Micro Expressione) none of the above

Question 9: What is/are good strategies to spot lies? (check one or more answers):
a) change the intonation of your voiceb) ask questions using a different vocabulary than the person you are questioningc) start smilingd) change the topic and see if the person seems relievede) none of the above

Question 10: What is certainly not a conversational signal? (check one or more answers):
a) raising eyebrowsb) lowering eyebrowsc) blinkingd) nodding the heade) none of the above

Question 11: The recipe of the BLiNK technique is to...(check one or more answers):
a) make a list of questions to askb) start with general questionsc) make a list of assumptionsd) start with specific questionse) none of the above

Question 12: Which statement is/are always true? (check one or more answers):
a) we first talk, then show emotionsb) we first show disgust, then fearc) we first show emotions, then we talkd) we first react emotionally, then we thinke) none of the above

Question 13: Explain what Micro Expressions are in 1 sentence:

Question 14: Somebody says in a business meeting: "I discussed your price offer with our team, but they (at this moment you see a facial expression, but not clear which one) did not approve it."
You missed the Micro Expression. Apply the Q4 technique. What will you say?

Question 15: Which 2 Micro Expressions are the most simple to see on this movie between 0:00 and 2:00?

Write the Micro Expressions and the timecodes when you have seen them:

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