Application to become a Licensed Center for Body Language

Watch this video on how to become a Licensed Center for Body Language or apply below:

For who?

If you…
1. own a Training Company
2. with a proven track record
3. in delivering corporate trainings in communication or emotional intelligence,
then this is something for you.


You have the opportunity to become the first Certified Trainer in facial expressions with the world’s only Micro Expressions Training program with Videos. There is a high demand for facial expressions training thanks to popularity of TV series such as Lie to me, Johnny English Reborn, Big Bang theory,…
There are very few training companies providing facial expressions training, and companies ask for it because the results are measurable.

Facial expressions training is useful for:
Sales: to join the Top 10% Sales persons, who are double more effective than average
Recruitment: to identify the 16% to 69% of candidates who lie in their CV
– Many other domains like Coaching, Training, Leadership, negotiations,…

What we offer?

As an experienced trainer you can follow our Micro Expressions Trainer™ Certification and add our cutting-edge methodology to your training portfolio. You get our “ready-to-start” course materials, manuals, pictures, videos and presentations. Plus marketing support to attract more clients.

Our references?

Watch the videos on our website with references of top experts like Joseph O’Connor, the UK’s Body Language Expert Robert Phipps, and testimonials of our clients. Our body language interpretations are every month in the press. We will help you to join the leaders of facial expressions training in your territory.

When? Cost?

It’s simple. Follow our 10x 1,5 hour ONLINE training (yes, it is online and it all happens in front of your computer). The total cost is 1185 euro 1066 euro, and by end of the course you can take the exam to become a Certified Micro Expressions Trainer™. Click here for a complete overview of the 10 online training sessions.
–> The training starts from the moment you register for it. ONLY for experienced trainers. APPLY BELOW.

What is your Return On Investment?

– You can ask higher fees for corporate facial expressions training. You keep 100% of your training fees.
– Clients buy METV licenses to practice. You earn 30% on all METV licenses sold in your area.
– You get marketing support and visibility with your own page on our website, resulting in attracting more clients with our Marketing support.

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Top-trainers from UK, Norway, New Zealand, Mexico, Qatar, and many other countries have already registered for this program. Complete the application below and join them today.

Are you in? Apply below:

Complete the application below and we will contact you within 3 days. Only experienced trainers are accepted. Your training will start the moment you register for it, every week a replay of a 1,5 hour online webinar. To answer all your questions, you can book a live Q&A session with Patryk & Kasia Wezowski, the creators of METV. You only need a computer with internet connection. When you are ready, you can take the exam to become a Certified Micro Expressions Trainer™, the first step to become a Licensed Center for Body Language.

More questions?

Contact us on:
Kasia Wezowski
+32 496 55 08 70 (Belgium office)
SkypeID: kasia-newvision

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    A few companies we worked for:

    What do participants say?

    What do the users of METV say?

    Joseph O’Connor
    Founder of ICC & Lambent, NLP author:
    Robert Phipps
    UK’s Leading Body Language Expert:
    Stu Dunn
    New Zealand’s Behavioural Expert: