Micro Expressions Trainer™ – Dana Ketels

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Dana Ketels

Dana started her career as an entertainer in Greece. When she was 25 she enterpreneured her own event agency in Ostend together with her husband. Together they share a passion for travel and knowledge of foreign cultures. Now, 12 years later they manage a team of employees and a large group of freelancers and they worked for more than 2500 customers. The interest for body language grew out of curiosity and the will to understand human interactions. She deals with a lot of groups and she learned to see through the groups situation using body language techniques. Her vision is that learning is a never ending process and she is eager to share her knowledge with anyone who wants to hear it. She specializes further in team coaching. The most common keywords on her feedback sheets are: empathic, enthusiastic, spontaneous, interactive courses, practical tips and tricks and very clear content.

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