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    Tess Leon

    Trainer both in native English and native Spanish

    • International Trainer in Emotional Intelligence applied to the workplace -Expert in Revenue Upselling Increase & Customer Excellence
    • Post Grade in Emotional Intelligence
    • International Master in Life and Executive Coaching
    • Post Grade in NLP
    • Expert in Leadership and Team Building
    • Micro Expressions Trainer™

    For over 20 years I held high positions in the corporate world, where I accumulated many experiences that all add up to an extended knowledge of human behavior in organizations and in life. One day I decided it was enough… and downshifted.

    In the journey to my inner search, I developed a passion for Emotional and Social Intelligence, Neuroscience, Coaching, Body Language and People.

    From then on I devoted my life to only working in what really makes me happy. Contributing with my knowledge to individuals and companies who want to grow in whatever area they decide.

    I feel close to people who love challenging themselves, to innovative company cultures and teams who dare to go one step further.

    You too?… Don’t you feel we should get in touch?


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