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    Shahrom Hassan

    Shahrom Hassan is a body language expert from Malaysia. He has extensive experience in conducting counseling sessions and training programs that make him experienced and skilled in the use of body language in business, consulting and counseling.

    Shahrom has been interested in body language since he served as a lecturer and handles many students. Since completing his study in psychology counseling, he has provided many counseling services. This has made him an expert in interpreting clients’ body language. Due to his body language skills, Shahrom was often invited to conduct training programs with entrepreneurs, politicians, psychologists, counselors and the criminal investigation department at the Royal Malaysia Police.

    In addition to providing counseling services and training programs, Shahrom is also a best-selling book author and guest speaker on television. He also regularly airs on the radio and shares body language topics, making him the one and only influential body language expert in Malaysia.

    • Founder of Shahrom Hassan Training Consultant
    • Partner for Center for Body Language in Malaysia
    • Registered Counselor for Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia
    • Professional Trainer & International Speaker
    • NLP Master Practitioner


    Shahrom invites you to follow our 2 Month Free Body Language e-Course: