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    Roxani Oikonomou

    Roxani Oikonomou is a Micro Expressions Trainer for Business
    Her expertise are TEDx style Talks.

    Roxani is a member Body Language Coach for TEDxSwansea , Wales U.K.

    She is also an Educator at the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning (K.E.DI.VI.M.) at the EKPA University and an Associate scientist of the Laboratory of Career Counseling science, EKPA University Athens, Greece.

    She loves travelling, flowers and coffee!

    Her mission, to upgrade communication, eliminate miscommunications; eliminate people’s conflicts and confusions and spread the power of compassionate listening in business!

    And all these through Micro expressions & Body language!

    Looking forward to meeting you, and set a zoom meeting to discuss your next Talk’s Body language presentation and performance.


    Roxani invites you to follow our 2 Month Free Body Language e-Course: