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    Paul Hiol

    Paul is a Certified Micro Expressions Trainer for the Center For Body Language within Canada, Europe, the Western and Central Africa areas. Holding a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, Paul is also a Certified DISC Trainer (with Personality Insights Inc.) and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.
    After more than ten years of experience in different fields (HR, Consulting, Sales, Logistics) in Africa and North America, Paul has focused on the field of Training and Development of Human Potential within Organizations. Therefore, he obtained several certifications in different North American and European well known internationally training institutions

    He started to be interested by the Facial Expressions and Body Language since 2019, then he became a Certified in METT (Facial, Subtle, Profile) trained by the Paul Ekman Group. Paul is the CEO of LEAD Human Potential, a company committed to provide to individuals and companies, high demanding Corporation training and coaching services. Based on various methods and tools, Paul helps people to overcome their problems, barriers, and fears, and be able to dig deeply, to discover, and get access to their best potential.

    Paul works with companies facing some communication, team building, conflict issues, performances issues and provides tailored trainings solutions to solve all those problems.

    Paul helps his clients to decode their behavior to better understand themselves, to identify their strengths, to discover their weaknesses and blind spots. His Clients in Coaching describe him as an authentic Partner with an effective and permanent way for the identification of their personal value, their professional capacities to broaden perspectives and to achieve their goals.

    Working with Paul provides the unique opportunity to have IN ONE PACKAGE (All in one), trainings and coaching sessions based on the DISC Method, the Body Language & Micro Expressions, and the Emotional Intelligence. This tremendous offer brings some incredible assets to be among those rare people worldwide with the highest level of proficiency in Human Behaviors Decoding today.

    Testimonial: “Paul is a remarkable person with a very present professionalism and an infectious good humor. Punctual and clear, he listens perfectly and taught me many avenues for constructive reflection for my personal goals. ” Muriel. C. Sintat – Brand Manager & Marketing Manager


    Paul invites you to follow our 2 Month Free Body Language e-Course: