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    Marco Sabbatini

    Marco started his career in personal development with sport teaching and athletic preparation. He blended physical activities with mental training techniques to achieve higher performances with his athletes in several extreme sports (snowboarding, combat sports and self defense training, elite fitness).

    His “history of success” doesn’t come from particular incomes in business, but comes from undergoing a rare disease treatment that forced him into almost 10 years of therapies, including chemotherapies, two transplants, various “minor” surgical interventions – and bouncing back smiling with a richer and happier perception of life.

    In those years, Marco studied and tested on himself every method or technique that could help him overcome these overwhelming obstacles. Now, his mission is to give back his experience, and the tools he learned to master on himself, to help people thrive even during harsh times, without having them go through all the pain and the sufference.

    So he switched to Life Coaching feeling that in this way he could have a wider and deeper impact on people’s quality of life, based on his vision that a better communication (be it internal or towards our external environment) leads to a stronger alignment with our mission and the reaching of our genuine purpose in life.

    Today, he trains different people in several areas; services space from 1 on 1 programs for overcoming blocks in personal development, to group training for business teams and corporations, to work and formation in crisis intervention. Resilience and adaptation strategies through hard times are the name of his game.


    Marco invites you to follow our 2 Month Free Body Language e-Course: