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    Iarel Verduzco

    • Effective Communication
    • Lie Detection
    • Corporate Training
    • One-on-One Coaching
    • Public Speaking Events
    • Leadership
    • Influence / Charisma / Presence
    • Human Resources / Recruiting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Pitching
    • Negotiation
    • Visual & Performing Arts
    • And more…
    IAREL VERDUZCO is a Certified Micro Expressions Trainer by the Center for Body Language, she also have a Master in “Non-Verbal Communication and Lie Detection” awarded by “EICYC” (a university of Spain). At the same time she develops at the area of visual arts and acting. She is specialist in voice over, speech, as well as in communication. For several years, she has studied and researched everything related to this exciting topic, where she found a more effective way to understand human behavior and relationships. Realizing that each training, diploma, course and national and international certifications she took, positively influenced her environment, she decided that she had to share it with the world. Based in the fact that she has several years of experience in training, she is sure she can help you, take you by the hand to discover those skills, that superpower that you already have (and that we all have) but that you still don’t know you have, how to apply it and write your powerful story to improve your environment and impact others before pronouncing a single word. That superpower has a name: BODY LANGUAGE!


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