Payment: Practitioner + Trainer Certification: €1066,50 / $1460

4 weeks Online Practitioner
+ 6 weeks Trainer Training
Personally with the Creators of METV


  • A free 1 year METV Trainer license with access to exercise with 300+ real-life videos and 30 videos in 4K quality to use for your training
  • The world’s most advanced online training on how to use the science of micro expressions in business and daily situations
  • Over 12 hours of interactive online Practitioner training
    + 12 hours Trainer Training
  • Over 40 hours interviews with leading experts in emotional intelligence (including our full interview with Daniel Goleman)
  • Start anytime and receive immediate access to the complete pre-recorded training training. Recordings of new live sessions are added to your training area.
  • Live personal Q&A to answer all your questions about the training content
  • How to use the BLINK Conversation Technique™ to get answers without asking questions
  • Effective Conversations™ Training to know exactly what to say when you detect incongruence
  • Practical and tailored for Sales, Recruitment and Negotiations
  • The complete methodology to increase your Emotional Intelligence with an average of 10%
  • Access to Tools and Reports to Measure in companies which sales professionals score high on METV and thus generate 20% more sales
  • Access to all pictures, videos, manuals, marketing support
    and lots of training materials
  • A Complete and Simple System to become a Certified Trainer
This video explains all details of our Online Trainings:

Our presentation at Harvard University:

Become a Certified Practitioner, Coach or Trainer in the only Micro Expressions training with videos in the world:
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For Practitioner + Trainer Certification:
Payment of €1066,50 / $1460 (current option)

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