Micro Expressions Trainer™ – Wim Meulders

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Wim Meulders

  • Partner at Center for Body Language
  • Professional presentation builder
  • Experienced copywriter for the right content: you need to tell a story
  • Timing expert ensuring a good structure in your presentation: when you say what in the given timeframe
  • Sound master making sure the audience hears your voice: how you speak
  • Body Language trainer & coach for a perfect delivery: how to use your face and gestures
  • Creative marketing communications manager creating visuals that make your ideas stick to your audience
  • Key-note speaker
  • Evidence based communication expert
  • Trainer & coach in scientifically proven nonverbal communication
  • Brainstorm coach
  • Ideation expert
  • Senior Interim Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Associate at Minds&More
  • Member of Mensa, Skepp, STIMA, FlandersDC, InterNations
  • Owner of WiMedia

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