How to Read Emotions form the Face in Coaching

Authenticity Coaching & Consultancy
invites you to a no-cost private webinar on:

How to Read Emotions from the Face in Coaching

On Monday, February 25, at 8:30pm (Dubai timezone)

with Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski

Founders of the Center for Body Language, the Worlds #1 Body Language Training for Business
Hosted by Jawad Sajwani

For Coaches, Trainers, Executives, Recruiters, Speakers, Sellers, Business Owners and Leaders

Watch this video with a preview of this webinar:

In this exciting and private Webinar of 30 minutes,
you’ll discover:

  • How to see true emotions of others just by looking at their faces
  • How to identify difficult people before they even say a word
  • How to react when you see somebody avoids speaking the truth
  • How to use Body Language to make a stronger Personal Impact in coaching, negotiations and business meetings
  • How to read Body Language to make a better decision on whether a collaboration is a good fit

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Patryk Wezowski and Kasia WezowskiFounders of the Center for Body Language, the World’s #1 Body Language Training for Business:

  • Founders of the #1 Body Language Training for Business
  • Best Selling Authors of “The Micro Expressions Book for Business” and 2 other books
  • Celebrity analysis throughout international media (CBS, Fox, Forbes,…)
  • Creators of the world’s first and only Micro Expressions Training with Videos
  • Founders of the first International Certification standard for Body Language and Micro Expressions Training for Practitioners, Coaches and Trainers
  • Local Representatives in over 15 countries
  • Executive Producers of the Award Winning Documentary “Destressed”
  • International Speakers (speaking at Harvard University, TEDx, Top Conferences…)
  • Thought Leaders and Developers of a unique Body Language methodology tailored for business people

Webinar Host: Authenticity Coaching & Consultancy – Dubai

Authenticity is a Dubai based coaching and consultancy company and the “go to” place for clients and coaches in
the UAE. Set up by Emirati co-founders, Jawad Sajwani and Azzan Lootah, Authenticity is a company built on passion,
transparency and shared dreams that are bigger than life. Jawad and Azzan honor the value of living authentically,
and the company’s objective is to help others live authentically too.

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