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The Complete Curriculum

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Experience on our Body Language Master Trainer Course

You can follow the course online at your own pace prior to the in person event, and attend our live event in Los Angeles on April 26-30, 2019.

Day 1 - morning: Mastering Micro Expressions with METV:

  1. The Science of Micro Expressions. Familiarize yourself with the science behind Micro Expressions, the subtle flashes of emotion that show on people's face in under 3 seconds. Learn what makes them unique, and how they differ from regular conversational signals (12:08)
  2. The 26 Most Common Micro Expressions. Using our METV program, containing one of a kind 4K videos, close-ups and slow motion footage, you'll learn to spot and interpret the 26 most common micro expressions (24:06)
  3. How to Spot Micro Expressions. Master three simple techniques that you can use in real life situations to detect and interpret micro expressions on the fly (05:32)
  4. How to Detect Lies. The average person is told as many as 200 lies per day! Learn our Body Language Congruence Model that will make you a human lie detector (22:10)
  5. Make Accurate Interpretations. How to make sure what you're reading is consistent with the truth.- Things to look out for to make accurate interpretations (8:30)
  6. Curveballs. What about mixed emotions, fake expressions, botox, plastic surgery? Discover how to deal with the curveballs or reading micro expressions in the real world. (28:14)
  7. Exercise With over 300 Videos. Watch high definition videos and test your Micro Expression Score which correlates with sales success and emotional intelligence. It takes most people just two hours of practice to lift their score to 90% or higher! (2:00:00)

Day 1 - afternoon: Micro Expressions Practitioner:

  1. The 7 Basic Emotions. Learn the physiology and origin of the 7 basic emotions we all experience daily. Learn what they mean, and understand how to apply this knowledge in real life sales, management and business situations
  2. Practical Applications. Learn the true meaning of different micro expressions and how to apply this knowledge in various contexts. Learn exactly how to respond to emotional cues with practical examples from a range of business, sales and real life situations
  3. Science of Deceit. Discover why people lie, and learn to read the specific micro expressions and emotional indicators which are the hardest for people to hide. Bonus: Discover the Q4 Technique to lead people to replay their micro expressions without them knowing it, so you never miss a signal
  4. The BLINK Technique. This unique conversational technique allows you to get an answer to any question without people even knowing that you've asked it. Discover how to use this to win a major advantage in sales and negotiation
  5. How to Have Effective Conversations. Use your strategic knowledge of micro expressions to make your conversations more effective. Learn how to appropriately react to lies and other subtle triggers (1:10:41)
  6. Micro Expressions in Conversation. Run through several specific, real life examples showing how to smoothly interpret micro expressions in conversation
  7. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence. Discover the details of our in-company research we presented at Harvard University about how learning micro expressions has been shown to increase Emotional Intelligence by an average of 10%
  8. Predicting Elections. Learn about the system we used to successfully predict the outcome of presidential elections - often on live TV - in both Europe and the United States. Also, discover a subtle difference between damaging lies and polite (although dishonest) friendliness
  9. The Contest Prediction. Using micro expressions and body language to gauge the difference between compelling and unconvincing presentations, we predicted the outcome of a startup contest on stage in front of 2500 people. Discover exactly how we did it, why we were so confident in our prediction, and how you use this in your life
  10. Your Body Language Code. Understand your own "Body Language Code." Learn how to rid yourself of off-putting body language habits, and learn about how body language norms vary across different cultures
  11. The BLINK Technique in Practice. Learn the basics of how to use this formidable "mind reading" technique in a range of life and business situations.
  12. Advanced Micro Expressions. How to learn and understand micro expressions when they get complicated, for example in cases of mixed or conflicting emotions when you get up to three signals lasting half a second right after eachother
  13. Street Exercises. We take our live students out onto the streets to practice micro expressions with real people. Students studying online will be able to view footage and in-depth analysis from past years
  14. 4K Video Analysis. Watch the explanation of complex micro expressions and their combinations in unprecedented detail, in slow motion with everything precisely explained to you
  15. Case Studies from the Movie “IMPACT”. Get the inside story behind the classic scene in our movie “IMPACT” where a presenter attempted to convince business people to invest in her company - you’ll analyze the micro expressions of both the presenter and the investors in slow motion, and understand the significance of each subtle movement
  16. Access to over 60 hours of bonus materials! Interviews with dozens of experts on emotional intelligence, Q&A sessions, and recordings of all webinars we have conducted over the last 7 years

Day 2 and 3: Mastering Body Language

  1. 88 Interpretations. Using clear illustrations, you'll discover the 88 most common body language signals and what they mean
  2. 5 Criteria for Accurate Interpretations. Learn the 5 criteria you need to apply to all interpretations to make them accurate
  3. Lie Detection Practice. See if you can spot it when your fellow students lie. The results will surprise you
  4. The Complete BLINK Mechanics. Like a guided missile, the BLINK Technique is powerful, but you need to learn how to time it perfectly - with 15 modules covered, this is everything you need to know to teach BLINK as an expert
  5. Preparation is Never Wasted. Take a deeper look at exactly how the BLINK Technique works, and learn how to prepare in advance so that your interpretations are accurate
  6. Talk with Purpose. Learn how to talk effectively so you can stimulate other people to react more vividly, making it easier for you to interpret their emotions
  7. First Measure, Then Conclude. Discover a host of different tools and techniques to help you gather more non-verbal information from the people you talk to
  8. Stimulate the Senses. When you stimulate the senses of those you talk to, they forget to hide their emotions and end up revealing far more than they intended.
  9. Sales Applications. Learn how to apply the above techniques to make more sales and increase your success in high pressure, real life situations
  10. The Power of Surprise. A well executed surprise can flip the tables and give you sudden conversational advantage - learn how to do this right.
  11. Using Your Voice. Learn how to structure your sentences and project your voice in a way that deliberately triggers the emotions you are hoping to elicit
  12. Recruitment Applications. Learn how to apply the above techniques to increase your success and detect lies in recruitment and management situations
  13. Ask Better Questions. Discover how to ask powerful questions that reveal more and lead to better meetings
  14. Troubleshooting. Sometimes things go wrong. Learn how to prevent problems from the start, overcome resistance, and solve worst case scenarios in sensitive situations, such as when detecting lies
  15. Stimulate and Seek. Combine powerful questions with stimulating statements to create an irresistible conversational cocktail to uncover anything you want to know from the other person
  16. The Body Language Code Table Model. This proven formula will help you reliably connect interpretations with what people are thinking and feeling, and use this to make accurate predictions about how people will act in the future

Day 4: Micro Expressions Trainer

  1. The First Impression. Immediately get your students on your side, and create a structure which supports your success. You'll watch examples of other trainer's presentations, and analyze what works and what doesn't (session 1)
  2. The BLINK Technique for Presenters. Use the powerful BLINK technique to inspire and motivate students - discover the mood and preferences of your group, learn what they are really searching for, and ensure from the start that your students will be satisfied with your training (session 1)
  3. Group Interpretations. How to effectively interpret the body language of a group to keep an audience on your side
  4. Teach Management and Negotiation. New tools which will allow you to present cutting edge training courses even to jaded businesspeople
  5. Present Micro Expressions to a Group. How to make even the most complicated, scientific analysis compelling, interesting and fun
  6. Interpreting Photos and Videos. Don’t lose your audience - apply our field-tested three step process for teaching your students to interpret videos and photos
  7. How Our Trainings Work. Get a behind the scenes look at how the Center for Body Language took over the world - look over our shoulder as we design courses, market and structure our events
  8. Design a Successful Course. Exactly how to structure and design a successful training program. See examples of courses aimed aimed at sales people and HR managers, and learn how to create lucrative, long term relationships with clients
  9. Secure Long Term Contracts. Long term assignments give you security, as well as the option to charge up to 20x as much as you would for a one off event
  10. Prove Your ROI. Proving that your courses offers quantifiable Return on Investment makes you stand out from the competition. Discover how to measure and present this using our specially designed tools that you will get access to as a trainer
  11. Done For You Marketing Tools. Get our offer templates and arm yourself with readymade marketing collateral, with instructions on how best to use this to make more sales
  12. Marketing and Sales. How to attract students, get your name out there, and prepare a training that students will love

Day 5: Become a Body Language Master Trainer

  1. Teaching Body Language to a Group. How to impart your knowledge in a way that your attendees will find interesting, effective and compelling
  2. Engage Your Group. Mastery an array of techniques and methods to capture and hold attention right from the start - Discover various techniques and methods to engage your group from the beginning
  3. Teach Emotional Stimulation. Stimulating emotions is essential for body language interpretation. Teach your students to trigger readable reactions in others
  4. Give Demonstrations that Succeed. Demonstrations can be nerve-racking, but they are critical for a persuasive training event. Learn our proven signature system to ensure your demonstrations succeed, react if things go wrong, and turn an entertaining performance into an inspirational learning experience
  5. Teaching Exercises. Good training events are not just about you speaking non-stop! Get your students engaged with simple yet useful exercises you can easily structure - get multiple examples you that you can “cut and paste” with any group
  6. Teaching the Body Language Code. Teach your students to uncover their own Body Language Code, and predict success and failure in a range of real life situations
  7. Build Lasting Relationships. Ensure the future success of your students by teaching them how to form meaningful, long term relationships with their clients and partners
  8. Make Successful Deals. Teach your students the three rules of successful deal making, essential principles that will form the bedrock upon which their businesses and careers will grow
  9. Coaching Live on Stage. How to publicly work with a student to help them make visible, measurable improvement on stage in front of their peers
  10. The Mindshift Method. Help your students adopt an empowering super mindset that will impel them forwards relentlessly towards success
  11. Taking it to the Street. How to guide your students as they work with strangers in public, and confidently apply what you have taught them in real life situations
  12. Lead Group Analysis. Methods and tools to lead video analysis of body language in a way which keeps your students interested and engaged
  13. The Table Model Success Formula. Apply this proven formula for becoming a successful trainer, entrepreneur and leader
  14. Predicting Behavior. Uncover the Body Language Code of people around you and use it to reliably predict behavior
  15. Videos and Slides for You to Use. Save time and hit the ground running right away with the exact materials that we have developed over years, presented at institutions such as Harvard University, and proven time and time again. You’re getting the exact tools we use to run successful body language events around the world, this includes pictures, videos, slides, manuals, tools, testing systems, offer templates and more
  16. Quantify your ROI. Attract more students and command higher fees by quantifying the Return on Investment of your training - this is essential if you're going for the corporate market. Once again, you’re getting the exact cutting edge tools that have been proven in multiple companies, presented to Harvard and TedX, and painstakingly developed by us over years of experience
  17. Real Life Examples. Finally, we'll bring it all together with videos showing a range of real life training scenarios, and how to confidently handle things no matter what occurs. After watching several examples of how our past students have gone on to run their own training, you’ll be leaving with the equivalent of years of experience, able to avoid mistakes and get started with confidence.
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Bonus: We’ll Arm You With the Following Tools and Support

We are committed to ensuring your success. After attending the course in person, you’ll also be able to join our regular live group calls to get advice, network, discuss case studies and receive the latest updated materials to use for your events. In addition, attend in person or online, and you’ll get the following tools as well as the license to use them to dramatically enhance your next presentation or training event:

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Join Us in Los Angeles On April 26-30, 2019

Regular fee $5000 Early Bird fee of $3997 expires on Monday, December 31st

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Career Will I Have as a Trainer? This is completely up to you. Some teach part time, others teach full time. It all depends on your goals and how much time you want to dedicate to being a body language trainer. Most of our students run their own freelance training businesses, while others are in house managers or corporate trainers who apply their skills in a company environment

How Much Will I Earn? Your income will increase as you gain experience and define yourself in the market. To start with, most students can expect to earn $1000 per day or training. More experienced students often earn $2000-3000 per day of training, with some earning as much as $10,000 each day. Your income will also vary based on the environment you teach in, for example a corporate training for a multinational will pay more than a training event for a non-profit!

How Long Will I Get the Materials For? You access to all materials lasts for one year after you sign up. This is more than enough for you to learn everything you need. If you want to renew your access to the 300+ METV videos and all other training materials for use in your events, you can do so for about $300/year

How Does Licensed Partnership Work? If you want to become a Licensed Partner, we’ll work with you to define an agreement that gives you a unique position in your language, country or territory. You’ll receive referrals from us and the ability to issue Practitioner and Master certifications to your students. Licensed partnerships are optional

Do I Have to Pay Commission? No - no Certified Trainers or Licensed Partners are required to pay any commission to the Center for Body Language - all the money you earn is your own.

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