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What are Micro Expressions?
Micro Expressions are movements of facial muscles of ½ second or shorter, which can reveal hidden emotions in business meetings. The 26 variations of the 7 basic Micro Expressions are universal across all cultures, and are one of the most reliable signs to know if somebody is telling the truth. Being able to spot, to know how to read these facial expressions, and how to react accordingly, gives you a decisive advantage in any negotiation or meeting.

Knowing how to read Micro Expressions is useful for:

  • CEO’s & Managers: to be aware what their employees experience and for better people management
  • Sales professionals: to see what their potential clients are not saying with their words
  • Recruiters: to see if the potential candidates speak the truth
  • Trainers & coaches: to better understand what emotions their clients and participants feel
  • Negotiators: to see the hidden emotions on the face of others
  • Everybody who meets people: to build happier and more authentic relationships

“Micro Expressions reveal what somebody really feels in business meetings.”

This Micro Expressions Test Report is
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How you can use Micro Expressions in business to detect lies?

There is no single Micro Expression that is a reliable sign of lying. You can only find it out by comparing the words of the person with their body language and look for differences. There are various techniques to do so. During our training we teach about the Body Language Congruency Model.
Tip nr 1: Micro Expressions performed on purpose are asymmetrical
The is because when we show Micro Expressions spontaneously, we react from our autonomous nervous system and on the other hand when we perform Micro Expressions on purpose we need to use the upper parts of the brain to process information first and then it appears more asymmetrical and less natural. This is how we can distinguish between authentic and fake emotions.
Tip nr 2: Look for the first reaction
When you ask an important question, look for the first reaction before or while the person starts to speak. People need first to decipher the information before processing it through the upper parts of the brain and then to come up with the answer. In this very first moment they will show the truth.
Tip nr 3: Change the topic
When you think that somebody is lying, change the topic. If you see that the person seems relieved and is more enthusiastic about the new topic, it could indicate that they didn’t feel so comfortable with the previous one. You can find out how the reactions will change again when you come back to the issue you talked about before.

Why are Micro Expressions useful?

If you are a Sales professional…
Probably you would like to know how to understand your client’s needs better.
Learning   Micro Expressions can be very helpful to:

  • Get quick insights about the client’s true feelings
  • Adjust your arguments to your client’s expectations – Knowing Micro Expressions you can very quickly make a shift from the words that make your client show disgust or anger into different arguments that will make them smile.
  • Ask the right questions

In a business meeting you can’t just announce: I see disgust on your face when you’re talking about budget. You need to ask more questions checking the topic to see what is happening in this case – maybe the price is too high for your client and they need more explanation? At the same time you’re looking for the answer in a ME.

  • Knowing Micro Expressions can also save your time with clients that are not willing to buy anything and this way you can also close deals faster.

If you are an HR specialist…

You would be interested how to choose the best candidate.
Research shows that on average 16% to 69% candidates lie in their CV
In this case reading facial expressions can help you to:

  • See the truth on candidates faces – it makes a difference if the applicant shows anger talking about his previous employer or Happiness. This information can be crucial to…
  • Choose the right candidate
  • Knowing Micro Expressions you can also help you make a good match
  • This way you can also discover more about the life of the candidates which can give you more insight about the personality of the person. By using this you can find a person who is really motivated and would like to stay longer in the job.

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“If you have a choice between believing the words or the facial expressions, choose to believe what you see.”