Preview of computer recognizing emotions

Create with us the world’s first videocamera recognizing emotions

Our aim is to create, patent and market a computer program that can recognize facial expressions through video.
Watch this (fictional) extract for a preview of what we intend to create:

How is this product different from anything else?
There exist computer programs who can recognize when somebody smiles. There is a prototype of a software that can help to spot lies.
What we intend to create is much more sophisticated and has much more applications, because our program will be able to spot subtle and hidden emotions and name the exact emotion.

Why us?
– We created and marketed successully the world’s first and only program to learn reading facial expressions with videos’s (click here for a demo)
– Thanks to our experience we belong to the world’s top 3 experts in training how to read facial expressions
– We are in contact with a few universities and research institutes who already possess working demo’s of early stages
– We identified our developer’s team who is capable of creating this program and they are stand-by
– We possess all required scientific background, know-how and testing material to make the program accurate
– Through our existing customers we have the contacts and network to help to market this product
– The program will be able to identify and report emotions like anger, sadness, fear, happiness, disgust,…
– Within 1 year, this program can be ready to sell to airports, marketing agencies, theaters,…

What are we looking for?
Funding to pay the developers.

Interested in our detailed proposal?

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