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Timing: Between 1 hour – 2 days
Style: Interactive, learning and fun
Guarantee: The participants will be able to apply advanced Body Language and Micro Expressions science in their daily work

Theory: Advanced training how to see 7 Micro Expressions
Practice: How to react verbally on non-verbal signs
Science: Up to 202 interpretations of body language positions

Examples of our often requested trainings:

  • 1 hour: Body Language crash-course
  • 2 hours: Micro Expressions Training
  • 4 hours: Advanced Micro Expressions training + practice
  • 1 day: Body Language Training for Sales
  • 2 days: Advanced Training, tailored for HR, negotiations, public speaking, presentation skills,…
  • 2 days: Body Language Practitioner Certification workshop

Contact us to get a 1 hour video of a full training as an example or contact us for a detailed offer.