Invitation for METV Webinar

Exclusive Webinar for coaches, trainers and managers
on “How to read facial expressions?”

Webinar on 28 February at 10am PST (=1pm EST, =6pm UK, =7pm Central Europe)
Watch a preview about the advantages of reading Micro Expressions here:
This webinar is limited to 300 participants. If you are not free on 28 February,
sign in anyway and you will receive the recording afterwards.

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Content of this 1 hour Webinar about “How to read Micro Expressions?”:

  • How you can see what emotion somebody really feels, just by looking at their face
  • How to spot 3 important Micro Expressions, and how to use them to detect up to 80% of the 4 to 200 lies you hear every day
  • How you can see the hidden emotions of your clients in coaching, training and business
  • The most surprising scientific conclusions based on 50 years of research
  • How to gain a competitive advantage by reading 7 crucial Body Language signs in business meetings
  • How you can become in your area a Certified representative of the world’s only Micro Expressions training with videos

PS: We are looking for experienced coaches or trainers to join our team as a Country Manager for METV. Contact us if this is something for you.

How good are you at spotting Micro Expressions?