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  • Gain the upper hand in negotiations
  • Detect up to 80% of the 4 to 200 lies you hear every day
  • Build happier and more authentic relationships
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Micro Expressions


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Micro Expressions in 4K Video Quality

For the first time in the history of body language, you can watch facial expressions being analyzed live in 4K video quality (that’s twice the standard of normal HD TV!).
You’ll see the facial muscles from very very close, with super sharp detail.
Given the super high quality, real world nature of these videos, this is a training tool that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

Here you can watch the recording of 7 videos analyzed in 4K:

In addition to this webinar, we’ve just released 30 more brand new 4K micro expression videos that are essential viewing for body language pros.

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Participate in our study and increase your Emotional Intelligence

Micro Expressions Emotional IntelligenceWould you like to participate in our study showing that learning to read Body Language increases your EQ with at least 5% in a few hours time?
We’ll mention the most impressive results, maybe even including your name if you allow us, at our speech at the campus of Harvard University end of June.

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Reading Micro Expressions and Persuasion

Reading Micro Expressions and PersuasionHow to influence people in an ethical way?
Facial expressions give you a lot of information about what someone really feels when you talk or listen to your client or business partner. Reading micro expressions can easily help you to gain an advantage in sales, negotiations and business relationships.

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Micro Expressions in business

Micro Expressions in BusinessYour clients speak with facial expressions
The knowledge about Micro Expressions is crucial to understand people’s needs and it is not possible to do successful business without comprehension of the expectations of your clients and employees. Many mistakes we make out of ignorance, or due to a wrong interpretation of someone’s message.

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