A lot of events and workshops are being canceled due to the coronavirus situation. As a result a lot of speakers, trainers and coaches are faced with a loss of revenue. In our free webinar we’re going to share the online strategies that have worked for us during the last 10 years to create stable income streams, so you can apply our strategies to build business resilience in though times. 

In this free webinar we’re going to cover:
- 7 types of online offerings that you can create to generate additional revenue
- What to propose to your business clients who are considering canceling or canceled your event/training
- Which tools and equipment you need (without spending too much) to create professional online products
- What to focus on and how to use your time wisely
- How to use your freed up time strategically to create content that will boost your revenue in the near future
- How to avoid common pitfalls to avoid getting stuck in non-productive actions
- How to make your speaking, training or coaching business resilient for tough times
- What we have learned from 100+ of the worlds top coaches who have been featured in our 5 full feature documentaries

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Want to Train Groups Online as a Master Trainer?

We developed additional cutting edge tools for our trainers to be able to train groups 100% online as a Body Language Trainer!
Join our online training to start generating an additional income online as a Certified Trainer.

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